Consulting Solutions

​Within our consulting practice, we use proven tools and processes to help our clients improve their organizational performance. Within any consulting project, we hold to the following principles:

  • We utilize well-respected and researched methodologies based on values leadership and emotional intelligence principles.  

  • We customize the use of tools and techniques to fit your situation rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

  • We focus on both action and reflection. We help you balance the need to diagnose an issue with the need to “get on with it” and take action.

  • We deliver practical tools and the knowledge necessary to utilize those tools in your day-to-day operations. 


Avante Consulting Group offers organizational consulting services in the following areas:

Culture Assessment


Avante Consulting Group is skilled at assessing your organization's culture. We conduct a rigorous, data-driven assessment process utilizing Quinn and Cameron's principles of The Competing Values Framework . 

Our assessment gives you a 360 view of your organization's culture and the values with which it operates. Additionally, our assessment clearly identifies areas of misalignment and the causal factors. 

Culture Shaping


Our firm has a strong track record of assisting organization's in shaping a positive and productive culture. Utilizing values based principles, we work with each area of your organization to shape a culture in line with the values of your organization. 

Executive Alignment

Successful companies know the importance of achieving strong alignment between the executive team and the organization's values and business strategy. Our firm is skilled at working with your executive team to identify potential areas of misalignment and we will work with you to achieve a level of alignment that propels your company forward.


Human Capital Consulting


Avante Consulting Group partners with you to develop talent strategies that reflect your company’s core values, business strategy and culture.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Talent strategy development

  • Talent management process design

  • Talent development planning and design

  • Talent acquisition strategy and succession planning