​​The most valuable asset of any organization is its human capital. Investing in your team through executive coaching has been proven to maximize the value of this most important asset. 


Our executive coaching team utilizes well-known tools and approaches to quickly pinpoint development areas. We guide our coaching clients towards increased awareness and understanding of what drives their behavior and we coach them down a path of intentional change. We provide them with practical tools that they can use on a daily basis to strengthen their emotional intelligence and transform their leadership skills.


Avante Consulting Group provides executive coaching in a number of settings including one-on-one sessions and group/team sessions. Our most commonly sought after services include the following:


  • Individual Coaching

    • High Potential Executives, i.e. those recently promoted; succession candidates.

    • Major Event Preparation, i.e. major account presentations; internal crisis management; investor presentations.

    • Performance Related Issues

    • Onboarding and Outplacement


  • Team Coaching

    • Strategic alignment and values alignment​

    • Major Event Preparation

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Cultural Alignment

Team Coaching


Team coaching can be a valuable asset to your organization. Client's frequently retain us to provide team coaching as part of a culture shaping initiative. Team coaching can also be valuable in helping your team become more strategically aligned or to better align the values of team members with the strategic values of the organization.

Another common scenario in which we provide team coaching is when your team is gearing up for a major event, i.e. major business pitch; investors meeting; internal employee meeting. Team coaching can help your team develop a cohesive approach and message. We can work with your team to ensure they bring the best of themselves to the event both individually and collectively. Our team coaching approach has helped companies win major business pitches; gain investor approval and roll-out major company initiatives with cohesive, clear messaging.

Lastly, we are often called upon to provide team coaching to those teams that find themselves challenged with serious conflict. In these instances, we work with the team to identify the causes of conflict and to work collectively through a resolution. 

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Executive Coaching


"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

                                                                                                           Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

Individual Coaching


We believe much of the power of executive coaching is found in the relationship between coach and client. A healthy and productive coaching relationship is characterized by authenticity coupled with clear boundaries and expectations. Honest feedback is always given with compassion.

The foundation of our coaching approach is based upon the principles of emotional intelligence, intentional change and values-based leadership. These are well-known, research-driven principles with a proven track record of achieving lasting transformation in thousands of organizations around the world.  

We incorporate these principles into our proprietary coaching model. This model provides practical, easy to use tools that identify development areas, pinpoint dysfunction triggers and equips the individual with tangible tools used to create intentional and authentic transformation.

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